Digital Television at Its Best

Cablevision offers you digital television at its best: up to 230 channels, including local channels, personalized viewing packages, and all-digital picture and sound.

And you can take advantage of it, thanks to the unrivalled reliability of cable which, unlike satellite dishes, is not affected by the weather. Wind or snow will not disrupt your signal quality.

With Cablevision digital TV, you get basic service on every set in your home. Plus, you have convenient, easy access to great interactive features like: parental controls, reminder function, on-screen program listings, pay-per-view, etc. What's more, Cablevision offers a wide choice of decoders – some even come with a personal video recorder (PVR) and HD functions*.

* Where technology permits.


Digital Television at Its Best

All you have to do to sign up is pick up the phone and dial.  One of our advisors will be pleased to answer your questions and help put together the ideal package to suit your family's preferences.  After that, a Cablevision technician will visit your home and look after the installation.  Switch to digital television today and discover a whole new way to watch TV!