Contest Rules

“Win big with Online Services” Contest

Official Contest Rules

1. Organizer

Cablevision du Nord de Québec inc. is the organizer of the Win big with Online Services contest. A copy of the contest rules may be obtained from Cablevision, or by sending a stamped pre-addressed envelope to the following address:

Win big with Online Services” Contest

Contest Rules, Cablevision du Nord de Québec inc.
45, boul. Hôtel de Ville

Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 2M5

2. Contest period, regions

The Win big with Online Servicescontest will be held in Québec, in the regions served by Cablevision, from one minute past midnight (12:01 a.m.) on January 1st, 2015 until midnight (12:00 p.m.) December 31, 2015 (hereinafter "the contest period").

3. Eligibility conditions

  • Be a residential customer of Cablevision and;
  • During the contest period, have subscribed to Online Services and/or Preauthorized Payment through the web site, or by phone with a Customer Service representative at 1-800-567-6353;
  • The Cablevision computers must have received the transaction;
  • Still be subscribed to Online Services and/or Preauthorized Payment at the time of the draw.
  • Not have been subscribed to the services Online Services and/or Preauthorized Payment during the last 30 days.

Purchase not required. Persons wishing to enter the contest without completing a transaction may enter by sending their name, complete address, age and telephone number to the address below, together with a handwritten text of 50 words approximately explaining why they wish to enter the contest. Upon receipt of this request, the organizers will enter these participants in the drawing. Handwritten contest entries must be received no later than 5 PM on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 to be eligible for the drawing. There is a limit of one handwritten contest entry per person for the duration of the contest.

Win big with Online Services” Contest

Contest Entry
Cablevision du Nord de Québec inc.

45, boul. Hôtel de Ville

Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 2M5

4. How to enter

4.1 To be eligible for the drawing, simply subscribe to Online Services and/or Preauthorized Payment through the web site, or by phone with a Customer Service representative at 1-800-567-6353, before the contest closing date on December 31, 2015 (at midnight).

4.2 Number of entries

  • Customers who subscribe to the Online Services and/or Preauthorized Payment will be entitled to one contest entry for every service to which they are subscribed.

4.3 Prize

The prize offered as part of this contest is the monthly digital basic service (FlexiGo or FlexiBase according to the residence of the customer) during 12 months, at the rate of a winner per month. Every price is valued at approximately $407. The price will be drawn monthly at random from among all contest entries, namely customers who will have subscribed to the Online Services or Preauthorized Payment during the last month.

4.4 Winner will be officially notified by telephone. Refusal to accept a prize shall relieve Cablevision, its advertising and promotion agencies, and partners connected with this promotion of any obligation in connection with said prize, including its delivery.

5. Drawing

The drawing will be held at the following dates, from February, 2015 till January, 2015 (for the subscriptions from January, 2015 till December, 2015), at 10 A.M., at Cablevision's Val-d’Or offices, 45, boul. Hôtel de Ville, Val-d’Or from among the entries received during the last three months: April 1st, 2015, July 2, 2015, October 1st, 2015 and January 4, 2016.

6. General conditions

6.1 To be declared a winner, the person whose name is drawn at random must correctly answer, without assistance and within a limited time, a mathematical skill-testing question which the contest judges will pose over the phone. The person who is thus declared a winner shall then be informed of the value of the prize, as well as the means of delivery. The winner shall first sign a release, as stipulated in paragraph 6.4, and send it to the contest judges. The odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received each month.

6.2 Contest entries are subject to verification by the contest judges. Fraudulent or incomplete entries will automatically be rejected and will not be eligible for a prize.The judges' decisions in this regard, and concerning any other aspect of the contest, shall be final and without appeal.

6.3 The above-mentioned prize shall be accepted as is and may in no case be transferred to another person. It may not be exchanged in whole or in part, nor substituted for any other prize. In the event that the prize cannot be awarded for reasons beyond Cablevision's control and through no fault of the winner, Cablevision undertakes to award a prize of the same value.

6.4 By accepting the prize, the winner relieves Cablevision, its advertising and promotion agencies, the partners connected with the promotion, their employees, officers and representatives, from all liability and potential damages in connection with the acceptance and use of the prize. Winner shall sign a release to this effect before the prize is delivered.

6.5 The contest organizers accept no liability for the poor functioning of any computer component, software or communications line, for the loss or absence of a communications network, or for any data transmission that is incomplete, unintelligible, or deleted by any computer or network, and which may limit the chances, or prevent any person from entering the contest. The contest organizers may not be held liable for damages or losses that may result, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from uploading any software or form, or from the transmission of any information regarding the contest.

6.6 The contest organizers reserve the right to cancel, terminate, or completely suspend this contest, at its full discretion, in the event that a computer virus or bug, a hacker, or any other event beyond its control should harm the administration, security, impartiality or, again, the smooth operation of the contest, subject to the approval of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec.

6.7 By participating in this contest, the prize winner authorizes the contest organizers and their representatives to use, if necessary, the winner's name, city of residence, photograph, voice, image and/or statement regarding the prize for advertising purposes, without any form of compensation or further approval.

6.8 In the event that the winner is a minor, an adult parent or legal guardian shall accept the prize on behalf of the minor, and sign all necessary documents to this effect.

6.9 This contest is open to Québec residents who are residential customers of Cablevision at the time of the drawing, with the exception of employees, representatives and agents of Cablevision, its subsidiaries, its advertising, promotion and public relations agencies, its partners, and anyone connected with the contest, including persons with whom they are domiciled.

6.10 Any dispute regarding the organization or conduct of a promotional contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. A dispute regarding the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie solely for the purpose of trying to resolve the dispute.

6.11 Information gathered regarding contest entrants shall be subject to Cablevision’s privacy policy. When you complete a transaction, you are consenting to the use of this data to administer, introduce and conduct the contest.

6.12 For purposes of these rules, the contest participant shall be the person whose name appears on the electronic contest entry received by Cablevision. This is the person who will be asked the mathematical-skill testing question and be awarded the prize, regardless of who actually made the transaction.

6.13 In the event of a contradiction between the English and French version of these contest rules, the French version shall prevail.