Cable Television, Your Best Choice

When you opt for cable TV from Cablevision, you can expect a carefree, complete viewing experience, at the best price!

Whether you choose basic analog service or digital TV, Cablevision gives you access to a wide variety of channels, including exclusive local stations: Les Foreurs de Val-d’Or games, regional news, local weather, promotions from your area merchants...

Cable is a reliable, proven technology, but more important, it is very competitive. Indeed, Cablevision is constantly innovating with the latest in entertainment, such as on-demand programming, HD technology, interactive features, and pay-per-view.

And unlike satellite dishes, cable is not affected by weather conditions.  The quality of your signal is therefore constant, no matter what the weather.  What's more, your cable connection lets you use several television sets simultaneously, at very little cost.  Perfect to satisfy every member of your family!

For 50 years, Cablevision has been offering people in your area the very best service, so they can maximize their viewing experience.  Connection is quick and easy, and our Customer Service is always there to answer your questions.  Contact us, our team will be pleased to recommend a custom solution to meet your every expectation.


Digital Television at Its Best

All you have to do to sign up is pick up the phone and dial.  One of our advisors will be pleased to answer your questions and help put together the ideal package to suit your family's preferences.  After that, a Cablevision technician will visit your home and look after the installation.  Switch to digital television today and discover a whole new way to watch TV!