Open Outlook 2000/XP, Click Tools > Services.

Select "Internet E-mail", then click on Properties.

In the General tab :

- Confirm the account name.That's how your account is named.
- Confirm your Name. This name will appear in the emails you send.
- Confirm your Email Address. The one the customer service provided you.

Click on the Servers tab :

- Confirm the Incoming mail server. Example :
- Confirm the Outgoing mail server. Example :
- Confirm your Account Name. Example : t1xxxx99 or b1xxxx99
- Type your Password to confirm it.
- Leave the two options at the bottom unchecked.

Click on he Advanced tab :

- Confirm the Outgoing mail port : 25
- Confirm the Incoming mail port : 110
- If you check the option "Leave a copy ...", you need to check the option "Remove from server etc..". That way, the server will always have respectable size.

- Click on Ok.
- There you go, your email account has been setup.