Personal Web Page

Your own space

Step 1, Web page creation

First, your Web page must be created. You can prepare it yourself or have a professional in the field do it. In both cases, you must respect these conditions:

  • All files must be saved with an extension ".html"
  • Your files names must be in lower case and without accents
  • Your home page must have the name "index.html" (or index.htm)
  • All the files must not be over 5 Mb
  • No commercial activity
  • No pornographic, racist or illegal material

Step 2, sending of information

For your personal Web space to be created, you must fill out the form hereunder. The information will be transmitted to the system administrator and will be processed within 48 business hours.

Step 3, Configuration

When you receive your confirmation via e-mail, you only have to send your files on the server. To do so, you will need and FTP software (File Transfer Protocol).